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IGTC Alumni Award in Tobacco Control Policy

Guohong Jiang

Global Tobacco Control Leadership Program, 2009

Dr. Guohong Jiang is the Director of Institute of Non-Communicable Diseases Control and Prevention at the Tianjin Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She is an alumna of 2009 Global Tobacco Control Leadership Program. With her rich experience pioneering the establishment of 100% smoke-free workplaces, smoke-free taxis and other forms of public transportation, Dr. Jiang was able to convince the Tianjin City People’s Congress and leaders of the City Government that the establishment of tobacco-control legislations is the most effective way to protect citizens from the harm of secondhand smoke, and in 2011 under her leadership, the establishment of Tianjin as a smoke-free city became part of the 10-year Healthy Tianjin Plan. Her advocacy has stretched from educating members of the Tianjin City People’s Congress to the general public, and she has employed every means to get the message out and generate support for tobacco control, from television interviews to private meetings to mobilize key stakeholders. Based on Dr. Jiang’s arduous efforts and outstanding performance in controlling the harm of tobacco, she has earned an award for outstanding contributions to public health of Chinese Association of Preventive Medicine, and she has been named one of the 100 exceptional women of Tianjin.



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